Backpacking - danhall's gallery (con't.)

The sets of photos here on SmugMug are a chronological continuation from those previously posted in Picasa Web Albums.  My photos are mostly (I admit) mediocre photography, but they are of great backpacking trips (which is more important). The photos' captions provide explanatory narratives of the backpacking trips, often including trail and water resource reports for the U.S. Forest Service.  Enjoy.

The albums of backpacking trips that I previously posted on Picasa Web Albums between 2009 and early 2016, from a wide variety of mountain ranges and deserts in the western U.S. and Alaska, are now archived at Google Photos.  You can access them via links that are contained in the folder "Backpacking -- The Picasa Web Albums Era."

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Captions were previously at the bottom of each photo, their logical and normal location. This month, however, SmugMug changed that. Captions must now be read by opening a sidebar. Click the text or icons for “photo details” or “video details.” It is best to leave the sidebar open and proceed through all the photos and videos.