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Backpacking Collections are thematic excerpts of photos from my backpacking trips. Each is updated with a continuing appendix as I take more trips and relevant photos.  To automatically receive a notice that new Backpacking Collections have been posted here, go to the supplemental blog Packs and Tents at and use either the "Get Updates RSS" or "Follow Blog via Email" tools. To send me an e-mail, just click the "Contact" tool at the bottom of the page.  Please enjoy.

Without Our Help and Despite Our Presence

The focus is micro (at least relatively). Panoramas are nice, but a backpacker also has a micro level perspective of rock formations, animals and trees. More importantly, these are sights of things which are surviving without help from people and despite the presence of people. Tough to do in the modern world and hopefully it continues. They are usually eye-catching, sometimes strange, often pretty and always interesting (at least to me and maybe for you).

Alpine Reflections

This is about water in the mountains that reflects its environs. From lakes to rivers to creeks to pools, there are often wonderful reflections when the water is calm.